Certain Girl

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I wanted to belong
I always have, that’s my problem
Didn’t notice it took a certain girl
To get in the ‘Alexis’ society
I was one of her best friends
(She said so over a Starbucks mug)
I think she believed it too
She saw I was trying
I even made it to some of the parties in the hills
(When parents would go to Cabo)
A face in the crowd
A person to hold the camera for group photos
(Hashtag I was there too)
But some people are just more photogenic
Certain girls just matter more

I’m tired of pretending
To have friends like Alexis
It takes a certain girl
Like Samantha and Emily
(Who don’t even like each other)
To stay in the loop

But they don’t have anything in common with me
They all bleach their butt holes and
Their boyfriends won’t even go down on them


Morning With You

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Cotton panties wrapped around my ankle

Exposed skin and messy hair

Tangled in each other

Like Christmas lights

I stir awake and

Your eyes dance behind your lids

You smile in your dream

As I watch mine

Soiled Testament

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Dad held the weight of their vows in his hands. Until He couldn’t

Sleep with the weight of Her love in his bed

So out She slipped through his fingers

Into the Earth

Hoping spring showers would rinse away the mess

But this kind of pain is waterproof

Unlike the mascara running down Her face

While Her daughter tries to keep the yolk of mother’s heartbreak from drowning the dog

And now He recites verses on Sundays

As if ancient scripture could untwist His sins



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It can be easy to forget that you’re still out there

Kissing other lips,

Driving the same car

We fornicated in

But I don’t care about that.

I care that I can still remember the way to your house

The one I chased your sister around

That sits on the street with the other perfect houses and lawns

With Mercedes in the driveways.

On that street where the leaves change with the seasons

In perfect sequence.

I fell in love with how cookie cutter your life was…..

It’s not you that I miss,

Because it’s never been you that I loved.



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We go to college

     So that when life gives us lemons,

                  We can make money

                                                                                             But what happens when

                                                                                  The bitterness of “making it”

                                                                      Takes away all the sweetness?


For sale, no returns, cash only

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I used to be someone’s distraction

On layaway

‘Till they were ready to love me

At their convenience

But I am so much more

than a pricey gem to be kept on reserve

I deserve consistent love

Persistent love

Love that is as real as the hair on my head

Growing each day and

Apart of me

Intoxicate Me

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I want to sip you like a fine wine
Stain my lips with you
Taste the earthy, the sweet
Drink you all in
Until I can’t see straight
Swirl you around in vivid hues of red
Swallow you up with my purple tongue